• Medicare levy variation declaration

    How to obtain copies of this publication

    You can download a printable version of the Medicare levy variation declaration (NAT 0929, 389kB) form in Portable Document Format (PDF).

    Who should use this declaration?

    You should complete this declaration if you want to:

    • increase the amount withheld from payments to you to cover your Medicare levy surcharge
    • claim an exemption from the Medicare levy
    • reduce the pay as you go (PAYG) amount withheld that covers Medicare levy from payments to you
    • claim an exemption from compulsory Higher Education Loan Program (HELP), Student Start-up Loan (SSL), Trade Support Loan (TSL) or Financial Supplement repayments.
    • The Medicare levy variation declaration form (NAT 0929, 284kB) is a fillable PDF that can be completed online, saved and printed. If you prefer to complete by hand, print a blank copy of the form.

    These instructions are current to 30 June 2017. You must lodge a new declaration if either:

    • you leave your current job and start to work for someone else
    • your circumstances change.

    If you give the wrong information, you may have a tax debt at the end of the income year.

    Last modified: 21 Jul 2016QC 17088