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  • ATO app

    The ATO app is a simple and easy way you can access and manage your tax and super on the go. The ATO app is free to download and use.

    As an individual or sole trader, you can quickly access your personal tax and super information in one place. There are also several helpful tools you can use.

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    Download the ATO app

    To use the ATO app, download it from Google Play or the App Store.

    Get it on GooglePlay Download on the AppStore

    The ATO app is compatible with most phones and tablets using:

    • iOS 13 or later
    • Android 8.0 or later.

    Note: Beta versions of the above operating systems are not supported.

    Android users, find out more about the ATO app Android systems permissions.

    Using the ATO app

    The ATO app has a range of features and tools to help you keep on top of your tax and super. To take advantage of all the available features and personalise your experience, link your myGov account to ATO.

    From your mobile device, you will be able to access:

    Quick login

    For quick access to your account, you can set up a log in using your mobile device's security features like face and fingerprint recognition. You will need to have a myGov account linked to the ATO to access this feature.

    Your tax return for 2020–21

    Be guided through your tax return journey and keep updated through each step of your tax return. Using this feature you can easily:

    • check pre-fill information we've receive from third parties and work out if you're ready to lodge
    • understand the options available to prepare and lodge your tax return
    • check the progress of your tax return
    • view the outcome of your return and easily view your notice of assessment.


    Whether you lodge your own tax return or use a tax agent, myDeductions can help you keep and organise your tax records.

    Throughout the year it’s a fast, easy way to capture information on the go. Once you finalise your records for your tax return, you can:

    • email your data either to yourself or to your tax agent
    • upload your data to pre-fill your tax return whether you self-prepare or use a tax agent.

    You can access myDeductions from the quick link on the ATO app home screen without the need to login. This is the screen you see when you first open the app.

    Records you add are stored locally on your device and are only sent to us if you upload your completed records to your tax return. You should back up your data regularly in case your device is broken, lost or stolen as this isn't an automatic process.

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    Your super

    The ATO app allows you to keep track of your super. You can quickly, easily and securely:

    • view a list of all your super accounts reported to us, including accounts that you may be unaware of or have lost
    • explore account balances and view superannuation information and actions that are personalised to your circumstances
    • access ATO Online to take steps to consolidate eligible accounts (including any ATO-held super) into one account.

    You will need to have a myGov account linked to the ATO to access this feature.

    Key dates for lodgments and payments

    View in real-time when your lodgments and payments are due and seamlessly action them in ATO Online.

    View your tax accounts

    View your tax accounts, including Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) and activity statement accounts. Quickly access transactions, payment plan details and make payments in ATO Online.

    Employment income and super

    View your income, tax withheld and super contribution details your employer reports to us, including the date they report this information.

    My personal details

    Find your tax file number easily. You can also access ATO Online to keep your key personal and business details up to date.

    Registered agent details

    Check the details of your registered agent and communication preferences.

    Tax withheld calculator

    You can use the Tax withheld calculator to easily check how much tax should be withheld from salary or wages.

    ABN lookup tool

    Use the ABN lookup tool to search for a business’s ABN and view other public information about the business. For example, you can check that the business you're purchasing goods from is registered for GST so you can claim GST credits.

    Business performance check

    Use the business performance check tool to compare the performance of your business to other small businesses in the same industry. The business performance check tool:

    • uses annual small business benchmark data from over 100 different business types
    • can estimate annual performance based on as little as one month’s data (the more data, the better accuracy)
    • allows you to compare the cost of goods sold and expenses with similar businesses
    • provides financial performance ratios including ability to manage debt commitments and working capital
    • compares subsequent reports in the tool with previous financial results to monitor any variations in performance.

    Help and support

    If you're having trouble with the ATO app, you can find troubleshooting information for known issues or errors at Help and support for online services.

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