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Discretionary grants and sponsorship

As required under the Commonwealth Grant Guidelines, this page outlines grants and sponsorships issued by the ATO.

Last updated 14 December 2020

The ATO provides a small number of discretionary grants, including funding for legal institutes and to encourage community participation in the tax and superannuation systems through sponsorship and mentoring arrangements.

The ATO’s grant activities meet the requirements and principles of grants administration contained in the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines 2017External Link, including reporting and publishing of all grants provided throughout the year. All grants awarded are published on

We currently provide discretionary grants under the following grant opportunities:

There are conditions that apply to all our grant programs.

Mentoring and work experience

Mentoring and work experience funding is provided to disadvantaged community members aligns with our commitment to a diverse workplace and the government's social inclusion policy.

Grant activities within this program aim to provide assistance to community members from minority backgrounds (for example, refugees) or community members who have experienced homelessness or generations of unemployment.

All of our grant activities are awarded on a closed, non-competitive basis. Recipients are usually subject to terms and conditions. Grant activities in this program are established in collaboration with the recipients, based on our objectives and those of the recipient.

The ATO assesses the funding against our business needs when determining whether to enter into any activity within this program.

The program provides:

  • work experience to community members from financially or socially disadvantaged or minority backgrounds
  • financial assistance to help with the cost of their studies, these grants are offered to those undertaking university study
  • a mentor while completing work experience with us.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • increase opportunities for disadvantaged people to participate fully in the community in terms of employment
  • assist disadvantaged people who show academic and leadership potential
  • build loyalty to us and good news stories filter through communities that are often difficult to reach, with potential to increase voluntary compliance
  • improve integration into the ATO, should recipients seek to apply for an ongoing position.

Funding for these activities is expected to be offered yearly provided the activities continue to meet ATO objectives. The program will be evaluated on completion rates and businesses response to the activities within the program.

Application & selection process

The ATO does not accept applications for the program.

The ATO select recipients based on business needs and our objectives as well as area of study and office location for placement.

Academic achievement

The ATO provides grants for academic achievements and research support. Awards are issued for achievement in subjects that relate to the work of the ATO and that support the ATO's objectives.

The program enables us to engage with external stakeholders to:

  • increase the ATO's exposure
  • present the ATO with increased opportunities to market itself as an employer
  • further ATO objectives.

The program provides:

  • funding for academic achievement or research support
  • recognition of scholastic achievement.

Funding for these activities is expected to be offered yearly provided this funding continues to meet ATO objectives.

Application and selection process

The ATO does not accept applications for the program. This is a closed, non-competitive grant program.


The ATO provides sponsorships where the prime focus of the sponsorship is to enable an activity that also promotes Government policy objectives. The sponsorship is provided without requiring some direct return to the ATO. It does not include sponsorship arrangements where the ATO is essentially acquiring a good or service, for example advertising space.

The ATO only provides sponsorships where the activity contributes directly to ATO business goals. The ATO is committed to maintaining high standards of ethical behaviour and fair dealing when engaging in sponsorship arrangements.

Sponsorship requests will be assessed by the ATO with regards to whether the activity will:

  • align with the ATO’s values
  • enhance the ATO’s reputation with the public
  • provide measurable value for money.

Grant activities in this program are established in collaboration with the recipients based on our objectives and those of the recipient. This is a closed non-competitive grant. The ATO does not open sponsorships to applicants.

Conditions that apply to all ATO grant programs

Any issues arising as part of the ATO’s grant activities will be managed in accordance with existing ATO policy:

Grant recipients must declare any actual or potential conflicts of interest:

The ATO is required to publish information about our grant programs on the GrantConnect websiteExternal Link including details of each grant awarded (for example, the recipient’s name, state, suburb and postcode, the purpose and value of the grant, the date the funding arrangement takes effect and the term of the agreement).

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