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  • Low-cost Single Touch Payroll solutions

    We expect to see a range of simple, low-cost Single Touch Payroll (STP) solutions available in the market from early 2019. These solutions will best suit micro employers (with one to four employees) who need to report through STP, but do not currently have payroll software.

    In response to the market request by the ATO, 31 companies have put forward product proposals to offer low-cost STP solutions. The solutions are required to be affordable (costing less than $10 per month), take only minutes to complete each pay period and not require the employer to maintain the software.

    These solutions may include mobile apps, simple reporting solutions and portals.

    We have published a list of the companies intending to offer these solutions below.

    While we will take all reasonable care to ensure information provided in this list is accurate, changes in circumstances may occur after the solutions are released which may affect the accuracy of this information.

    The list is ordered alphabetically for convenience and does not imply any preference. The ATO does not endorse any of the suppliers listed:

    • AccXite Pty Ltd
    • BAS Off Pty Ltd
    • Catsoft
    • Easy Pay Slip Pty Ltd
    • Employment Hero Pty Ltd
    • e-PayDay Pty Ltd
    • ePayroll
    • Etax Accountants Pty Ltd
    • Free Accounting Software
    • Globe BD
    • GovReports
    • Intuit Australia Pty Ltd
    • LodgeiT Pty Ltd
    • Ironbark Software
    • Myaccountant Technology Pty Ltd
    • MYOB Australia Pty Ltd
    • OB Secure Messaging
    • Sodapay
    • PwC Australia
    • Reckon Australia Pty Ltd
    • Single Touch Pty Ltd
    • SRI Enterprise Software Pty Ltd
    • Xero Australia Pty Ltd
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