House of Representatives

Customs Amendment (Alcoholic Beverages) Bill 2000

Explanatory Memorandum

(Circulated by authority of the Minister for Justice and Customs, Senator the Hon Amanda Vanstone)

Notes on individual clauses

Clause 1 - Short Title

1. This clause provides for the Act to be cited as the Customs Amendment (Alcoholic Beverages) Act 2000 .

Clause 2 - Commencement

2. This clause provides that the Act commences on 1 July 2000.

Clause 3 - Schedule(s)

3. This clause is the formal enabling provision for the Schedule to the Act, providing that each Act that is specified in a Schedule to this Act is amended as indicated.

4. The clause also provides that any other item in a Schedule has effect according to its terms. This is a standard enabling clause for transitional, savings and application items in amending legislation.

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