Accessing a known document

If you know the document number you are looking for, Quick access allows you to go directly to that document. You can quick access:

  • public rulings and determinations
  • practical compliance guidelines
  • ATO interpretative decisions
  • law administration practice statements
  • taxpayer alerts
  • legislation
  • edited private advice.

Examples of what format to use are provided for you.

Example: finding an edited version of a private ruling

You want to find an edited version of a private ruling, and know the authorisation number.

  • select Quick access on the left side menu of the home page
  • select Edited private advice
  • type the authorisation number in the reference number field and click search (the magnifying glass) or press enter.
Quick access page


If you are searching for a ruling, use four-digit years for all 1999 and subsequent year documents (for example, TR 2010/1). Use only the last two digits of the year for all earlier documents (for example, TR 97/11).

When you are using quick access to view legislation, you will first need to select the relevant Act or regulation.