Viewing documents

Additional document information and navigation aids are available when viewing a document.

The document toolbar

  • PDF

PDF Icon

Where this is indicated, you can use this option to download/open a PDF version of the document. It is not available for all document types.

  • Email

Email Icon

This button will generates a draft email in your default email program containing a link to the document you are viewing.

  • Printable version

Printable Icon

This provides a version of the document that is more suited to printing.


  • Back to browse

This link takes you into the browse page with the menu expanded to show you where the document you were looking at is placed. You can look for other documents of that type that might meet your needs.

  • Back to search results

If you accessed the document through a search, this link allows you to go back to your search results.

  • Related documents

This link provides a list of other documents that make reference to the document you are viewing.

Example: Searching for rulings related to section 102AF of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936

  • Browse to or search for 'section 102AF'
  • When the section is displayed, select the 5 related documents link at the top of the document.

  • Previous result/Next result

These links will move you to the previous or next document listed in your search results (note: these options are only available when viewing a document accessed through a search).

  • Previous section/Next section (when viewing legislation results)

These links will move you to the previous or next section in legislation (or between pages of other large documents that have been split into several parts).

  • View surrounding sections (when viewing legislation results)

Use this option to view both the current section and a number of other sections before or after it.


Not all document or navigation commands are available in all documents. Commands which are not available will either not be presented or will not be underlined. For example, if Previous result is available, but Next result is not (because there isn't one) it displays like this:

Prev/Next result