National Security Information Legislation Amendment Bill 2005

Revised Explanatory Memorandum

(Circulated by authority of the Attorney-General, the Honourable Philip Ruddock MP)
This Memorandum takes account of amendments made by the House of Representatives to the Bill as introduced.

Notes on clauses

Clause 1: Short title

This clause is a formal provision stating the short title of the Bill once it commences.

Clause 2: Commencement

This clause states the days on which the provisions of the Act, as originally passed by the Parliament and assented to, commence.

Sections 1 to 3 (and anything in the Act not covered elsewhere in this Clause) commence on the day that the Act receives Royal Assent.

Schedule 1 commences on the 28th day after the day on which the Act receives Royal Assent.

Clause 3: Schedule(s)

This clause states that each Act specified in a Schedule to the Act is amended or repealed as set out in the Schedule concerned.

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