Customs Act 1901



97(1)   [Collector may give permission]  

Subject to subsection (3), a Collector may, by writing signed by him or her, grant to the owner of warehoused goods permission to take those goods out of the warehouse for the purpose of public exhibition, testing or a similar purpose without entering the goods for home consumption.

97(2)   [Permission may specify time period]  

Permission under subsection (1) shall specify the period during which the owner of the relevant goods may keep the goods outside the warehouse.

97(3)   [Warehoused goods]  

Permission under subsection (1) for the taking of warehoused goods out of a warehouse shall not be granted unless security has been given to the satisfaction of the Collector for the payment, in the event of the goods not being returned to the warehouse before the expiration of the period specified in the permission, of the duty that would have been payable if the goods had been entered for home consumption on the day on which they were taken out of the warehouse.

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