Part IAB - Controlled operations  

Division 2 - Authorisation of controlled operations  

Subdivision A - Authorities to conduct controlled operations  

SECTION 15GJ   Manner of granting authority  

An authority to conduct a controlled operation may be granted:

(a) in the case of a formal application (other than a formal application referred to in subparagraph (b)(ii) - by means of a written document, signed by the authorising officer (such an authority is a formal authority ); or

(b) in the case of:

(i) an urgent application; or

(ii) a formal application, if the authorising officer is satisfied that the delay caused by granting a formal authority may affect the success of the controlled operation;
orally in person, or by telephone or any other means of communication (such an authority is an urgent authority ).

Nothing in this Part prevents an authority being granted in respect of a controlled operation that has been the subject of a previous authority, but in that case the subsequent authority must be a formal authority.


An urgent authority can be varied, but not so as to extend its duration - see sections 15GO and 15GS .

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