Part IABA - Integrity testing  

Division 1 - Introduction  

SECTION 15JD   Integrity testing - meaning of integrity testing operation  

An integrity testing operation is an operation conducted in relation to a target agency using controlled or simulated situations to test the integrity of a staff member of the agency.

An integrity testing operation includes an operation that offers the staff member an opportunity to engage in conduct, whether lawful or unlawful, so as to contravene principles of behaviour required (by law or otherwise) of persons occupying the position of such a staff member.

Note 1:

The target agencies are the ACC, the Australian Federal Police and the Immigration and Border Protection Department (see section 15JC ).

Note 2:

References to a staff member include references to more than one staff member (see section 23 of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 ).

S 15JD(2) amended by No 41 of 2015, s 3 and Sch 5 item 43, by substituting " the Immigration and Border Protection Department " for " Customs " in note 1, effective 1 July 2015. For transitional provisions, see note under the definition of " officer of Customs " .

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