Part IABA - Integrity testing  

Division 3 - Integrity testing operations: protection of participants  

SECTION 15JN   Integrity testing operations - authorised conduct  

Subject to subsection (2), an integrity testing authority for an integrity testing operation authorises each person identified in the authority as a participant to take part in the operation, subject to any conditions set out in the authority.


Paragraphs 15JH(1)(d) and (e) require participants to be identified, and the nature of the operation to be described, in the authority. Subsection 15JH(2) , however, allows for participants to be identified in the authority by an assumed identity, or by code.

A participant is authorised to take part in the integrity testing operation for the period of effect of the authority, unless:

(a) the authority states (or is varied to state) a shorter period during which the person is so authorised; or

(b) the authority is varied to provide that the person is no longer so authorised; or

(c) the authority is cancelled before the end of that period.

An integrity testing authority does not authorise a participant identified in the authority to delegate participation to another person.

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