Part IACA - Witness identity protection for operatives  

Division 2 - Witness Identity Protection Certificates for Operatives  

SECTION 15MN   Application for leave - joinder as respondent  

This section applies if:

(a) a witness identity protection certificate for an operative in relation to a proceeding is filed in a court; and

(b) a person applies:

(i) for leave under section 15MI or 15MM ; or

(ii) for an order under section 15MK or 15MM .

The court in which the application is pending may allow a person to join the application as a respondent if:

(a) the person is:

(i) the operative in relation to whom the witness identity protection certificate is given; or

(ii) the chief officer of the agency who gave the witness identity protection certificate; and

(b) the person applies to be joined to the application as a respondent; and

(c) the person has sufficient interest in the subject matter of the application.

If a court allows a person to join the application as a respondent under subsection (2), the court must allow the person, or the person's legal representative, to appear and be heard.

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