Part IACA - Witness identity protection for operatives  

Division 2 - Witness Identity Protection Certificates for Operatives  

SECTION 15MR   Permission to give information disclosing operative's identity etc  

This section applies if the chief officer of a law enforcement agency gives a witness identity protection certificate for an operative in relation to a proceeding.

The chief officer may, in writing, permit a person to give information (otherwise than in the proceeding) that discloses, or may lead to the disclosure of, the operative's identity or where the operative lives if the chief officer considers it necessary or appropriate for the information to be given.

The permission:

(a) must name the person who may give the information; and

(b) must name the person to whom the information may be given; and

(c) must state the information that may be given; and

(d) may state how the information may be given.


The chief officer may delegate functions under this section - see section 15MX .

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