Part IAA - Search, information gathering, arrest and related powers (other than powers under delayed notification search warrants)  

Division 2 - Search warrants  

SECTION 3N   Copies of seized things to be provided  

Subject to subsection (2), if a constable seizes, under a warrant relating to premises:

(a) a document, film, computer file or other thing that can be readily copied; or

(b) a storage device the information in which can be readily copied;

the constable must, if requested to do so by the occupier of the premises or another person who apparently represents the occupier and who is present when the warrant is executed, give a copy of the thing or the information to that person as soon as practicable after the seizure.

Subsection (1) does not apply if:

(a) the thing that has been seized was seized under subsection 3L(1A) or paragraph 3L(2)(b) or 3LAA(4)(b) ; or

(aa) the thing embodies data that was accessed under the warrant at a place other than the premises; or

(b) possession by the occupier of the document, film, computer file, thing or information could constitute an offence.

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