Part IAA - Search, information gathering, arrest and related powers (other than powers under delayed notification search warrants)  

Division 4 - Arrest and related matters  

SECTION 3ZD   Persons to be informed of grounds of arrest  

A person who arrests another person for an offence must inform the other person, at the time of the arrest, of the offence for which the other person is being arrested.

It is sufficient if the other person is informed of the substance of the offence, and it is not necessary that this be done in language of a precise or technical nature.

Subsection (1) does not apply to the arrest of the other person if:

(a) the other person should, in the circumstances, know the substance of the offence for which he or she is being arrested; or

(b) the other person's actions make it impracticable for the person making the arrest to inform the other person of the offence for which he or she is being arrested.

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