Part IAAA - Delayed notification search warrants  

Division 7 - Inspections by Ombudsman  

SECTION 3ZZGB   Inspection of records by the Ombudsman  

The Ombudsman must, from time to time and at least once in each 6-month period starting on 1 January or 1 July, inspect the records of each eligible agency to determine the extent of compliance with this Part by the agency, and eligible officers of the agency, in relation to delayed notification search warrants.

For the purpose of an inspection under this section, the Ombudsman:

(a) may, after notifying the chief officer of the eligible agency, enter at any reasonable time premises occupied by the agency; and

(b) is entitled to have full and free access at all reasonable times to all records of the agency that are relevant to the inspection; and

(c) may require a staff member of the agency to give the Ombudsman any information that the Ombudsman considers necessary, being information that is in the member ' s possession, or to which the member has access, and that is relevant to the inspection.

The chief officer must ensure that staff members of the agency give the Ombudsman any assistance the Ombudsman reasonably requires to enable the Ombudsman to perform functions under this section.

Nothing in this section requires the Ombudsman to inspect records that are relevant to the obtaining or execution of a delayed notification search warrant if a warrant premises occupier ' s notice has not yet been given in relation to the warrant, unless directions have been made under subsection 3ZZDA(4) or 3ZZDB(4) not requiring such notice to be given.

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