Part IAAA - Delayed notification search warrants  

Division 7 - Inspections by Ombudsman  

SECTION 3ZZGH   Report on inspection  

As soon as practicable after each 6-month period starting on 1 January or 1 July the Ombudsman must give a written report to the Minister on the results of each inspection under section 3ZZGB in the period.

If, having regard to information obtained in the course of the inspection or a previous inspection, the Ombudsman considers that the requirements of section 3ZZFB or 3ZZFC have not been properly complied with in relation to an eligible agency, the Ombudsman may include a comment to that effect in the report.

The Minister must cause a copy of the report to be laid before each House of the Parliament within 15 sitting days of that House after the Minister receives it.

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