Banking Act 1959

Part I - Preliminary  

SECTION 2A   Main objects of this Act  

The main objects of this Act are:

(a) to protect the interests of depositors in ADIs in ways that are consistent with the continued development of a viable, competitive and innovative banking industry; and

(b) to promote financial system stability in Australia.

This Act, and the prudential standards and non-ADI lender rules determined by APRA under this Act, achieve this mainly by:

(a) restricting who can carry on banking business in Australia; and

(b) providing for the prudential supervision of ADIs by APRA, by APRA determining prudential standards or taking other action to ensure prudent management of ADIs; and

(c) providing for APRA to manage or respond to circumstances in which the ability of an ADI to meet its obligations may be threatened; and

(d) providing for certain account-holders to be paid amounts where the financial claims scheme has been declared to apply in relation to an ADI; and

(e) providing for heightened accountability for banking directors and senior executives through the Banking Executive Accountability Regime; and

(f) for the purposes of paragraph (1)(b) - providing rules in relation to the provision of certain kinds of finance by non-ADI lenders.

It is intended that APRA, in taking actions to address risks to financial system stability in Australia, may consider specific sources of systemic risks, whether geographic, sectoral or otherwise.

This section does not apply to the following:

(a) Divisions 4 (Mobilization of foreign currency) and 5 (Advances) of Part II ;

(b) Parts III (Foreign exchange, foreign investment etc.), IV (Gold) and V (Interest rates);

(c) any other provision of this Act, to the extent that it relates to any of the provisions mentioned in paragraph (a) or (b).

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