Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993


Division 1 - Preliminary  


The Act contains provisions dealing with the following matters:

Matter dealt with
1 interpretation
2 (Repealed by No 53 of 2004)
2A licensing of trustees and groups of individual trustees
2B registrable superannuation entities
2C MySuper
3 operating standards for funds and trusts
3A Prudential standards concerning registrable superannuation entities
3B superannuation data and payment standards for funds and employers
4 accounts, audit and reporting obligations for superannuation entities
5 notices about complying fund status
6 governing rules of funds and trusts
7 rules applying only to regulated superannuation funds
8 in-house asset rules applying to regulated superannuation funds
9 equal representation of employers and members in relation to employer-sponsored funds
10 rules applying only to approved deposit funds
11 rules applying only to pooled superannuation trusts
11A General fees rules
12 statutory duties of trustees of superannuation entities
13 (Repealed by No 154 of 2007)
14 other provisions relating to funds and trusts
15 standards for trustees, custodians and investment managers of superannuation entities
16 actuaries and auditors of superannuation entities
16A APRA ' s powers to issue directions
17 suspension or removal of trustees of superannuation entities
18 amalgamation of funds
19 rules about dealing with superannuation interests in public offer entities
20 administrative directions and penalties for contraventions relating to self managed superannuation funds
21 civil and criminal consequences of serious breaches of the Act
22 infringement notices
23 financial assistance to funds that suffer loss as a result of fraud or theft
24 eligible rollover funds
24A transitional provisions relating to pre-1 July 1995 automatic rollovers of benefits between funds
24B the administration by APRA and the Commissioner of Taxation of superannuation funds with fewer than 5 members
25 monitoring and investigating superannuation entities
25A tax file numbers
26 offences relating to statements and records
27 powers of courts
28 judicial and other proceedings under the Act
29 exemption and modification provisions
29A protections in relation to information
29B (Repealed by No 2 of 2015)
30 miscellaneous provisions
31 (Repealed by No 154 of 2007)
32 additional transitional provisions relating to tax file numbers
33 additional transitional provisions relating to MySuper
34 additional transitional provisions relating to eligible rollover funds

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