Income Tax Assessment Act 1997



Division 420 - Registered emissions units  

Guide to Division 420  

SECTION 420-5  

420-5   The 4 key features of tax accounting for registered emissions units  

The purpose of income tax accounting for registered emissions units is to produce the same tax treatment, irrespective of your purpose in acquiring or holding the registered emissions units.

There are 4 key features:

  • (1) You bring your gross expenditure and gross proceeds to account, not your net profits and losses on disposal of a registered emissions unit.
  • (2) The gross expenditure is deductible.
  • (3) The gross proceeds are assessable income.
  • (4) You must bring to account any difference between the value of your registered emissions units held at the start and at the end of the income year. This is done in such a way that:
  • (a) any increase in value is included in assessable income; and
  • (b) any decrease in value is a deduction.

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