Income Tax Assessment Act 1997



Division 855 - Capital gains and foreign residents  

Subdivision 855-A - Disregarding a capital gain or loss by foreign residents  

SECTION 855-40   Capital gains and losses of foreign residents through fixed trusts  

The purpose of this section is to provide comparable taxation treatment as between direct ownership, and indirect ownership through a *fixed trust, by foreign residents of *CGT assets that are not *taxable Australian property.

A *capital gain you make in respect of your interest in a *fixed trust is disregarded if:

(a) you are a foreign resident when you make the gain; and

(b) the gain is attributable to a *CGT event happening to a *CGT asset of a trust (the CGT event trust ) that is:

(i) the *fixed trust; or

(ii) another fixed trust in which that trust has an interest (directly, or indirectly through a *chain of trusts, each trust in which is a fixed trust); and

(c) either:

(i) the asset is not *taxable Australian property for the CGT event trust at the time of the CGT event; or

(ii) the asset is an interest in a fixed trust and the conditions in subsections (5), (6), (7) and (8) are satisfied.

Section 115-215 treats a portion of a trust's capital gain as a capital gain made by a beneficiary, and applies the CGT discount to that portion as if the gain were made directly by the beneficiary.


You are not liable to pay tax as a trustee of a *fixed trust in respect of an amount to the extent that the amount gives rise to a *capital gain that is disregarded for a beneficiary under subsection (2).


To avoid doubt, subsection (3) does not affect the operation of subsection 98A(1) or (3) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (about taxing beneficiaries who are foreign residents at the end of an income year).


The conditions in subsections (6), (7) and (8) must be satisfied if the relevant *CGT event happens to an interest in a *fixed trust (the first trust ) and the interest is *taxable Australian property at the time of the CGT event.

At least 90% (by *market value) of the *CGT assets of:

(a) the first trust; or

(b) a *fixed trust in which the first trust has an interest (directly, or indirectly through a *chain of trusts, each trust in which is a fixed trust);

must not be *taxable Australian property at the time of the relevant *CGT event.

If the condition in subsection (6) is not satisfied for the first trust (but is satisfied for a trust covered by paragraph (6)(b)), the condition in subsection (8) must be satisfied for the first trust, and for each other trust in the *chain of trusts between the first trust and the trust that satisfied the condition in subsection (6).

The condition is that, assuming any interest in a *fixed trust in that *chain not to be *taxable Australian property, at least 90% (by *market value) of the *CGT assets of the trust must not be taxable Australian property.

(Repealed by No 79 of 2007 )

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