A New Tax System (Wine Equalisation Tax) Act 1999

Part 5 - Payments and refunds of wine tax  

Division 25 - Tourist refund scheme  

25-10   Purchases later found to be GST-free supplies  


(a) you are paid an amount under subsection 25-5(1A) for a purchase; and

(b) the supply corresponding to the purchase is or becomes a * GST-free supply;

you become liable to repay the amount (the recoverable amount ) to the Commonwealth on the later of the following days (the due day ):

(c) the day you were paid the recoverable amount;

(d) the day the supply becomes a GST-free supply.

You are liable to pay general interest charge on the whole, or any part, of the recoverable amount that remains unpaid after the due day for each day in the period that:

(a) starts on the due day; and

(b) finishes at the end of the last day at the end of which any of the following remains unpaid:

(i) the recoverable amount;

(ii) general interest charge on any of the recoverable amount.

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