A New Tax System (Wine Equalisation Tax) Act 1999

Part 2 - Wine tax  

Division 9 - Taxable value  

Subdivision 9-A - General rules for working out taxable value  

9-5   How to work out the taxable value of a taxable dealing  

The general rules for calculating the taxable value are set out in the * Assessable Dealings Table .

In some cases, the * Assessable Dealings Table refers to the * notional wholesale selling price as the * taxable value . Subdivision 9-B sets out how to work out the notional wholesale selling price.

In some cases, amounts must be added to the amount set out in the * Assessable Dealings Table . These additions are set out in Subdivision 9-C .

In working out the * taxable value of wine, any rebate, refund or other payment or credit made by a State or Territory in respect of the wine is to be disregarded.

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