A New Tax System (Indirect Tax and Consequential Amendments) Act 1999 (176 of 1999)

Schedule 3   Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

Part 2   Amendments consequential on the insertion of new definitions

76   Paragraphs 20-135(a), 41-65(1)(d), 41-65(2)(d), 42-70(1)(a), 42-75(b), 42-90(4)(b), 70-20(c), 70-30(1)(a), 70-100(6)(b), 70-100(10)(b), 70-120(6)(c), 104-230(2)(a), 104-230(8)(b), 116-20(1)(b), 116-80(1)(a), 116-85(2)(b), 122-20(3)(a), 122-130(3)(a), 124-85(3)(a), 124-95(6)(a), 124-585(1)(b), 124-715(1)(b) 126-85(2)(e), 330-60(1A)(a), 330-490(1)(c), 373-95(2)(a), 373-100(2)(b), 387-475(4)(b)

Omit "market value", substitute "*market value".