Legislation Act 2003

Chapter 1 - Introduction  

Part 2 - Key concepts for legislative instruments and notifiable instruments  

SECTION 10   Instruments declared to be legislative instruments  

For the purposes of subsection 8(5) , each of the following is a legislative instrument:

(a) a regulation or Proclamation (other than a Proclamation that is a commencement instrument) made under a power delegated by the Parliament;

(b) a Territory Ordinance covered by subsection (2), or a regulation, rule or by-law under such an Ordinance;

(c) an instrument prescribed by regulation for the purposes of this paragraph;

(d) an instrument that includes a provision that amends or repeals another legislative instrument.


Commencement instruments, which may be Proclamations, are notifiable instruments: see section 11 .

The following Territory Ordinances are covered by this subsection:

(a) an Ordinance made under a power delegated by the Parliament in an Act providing for the government of a non-self-governing Territory;

(b) an Ordinance made under subsection 12(1) of the Seat of Government (Administration) Act 1910 that has not become an enactment (as defined in the Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988) .

(c) (Repealed by No 59 of 2015)

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