Legislation Act 2003

Chapter 2 - Registration of Acts, legislative instruments and notifiable instruments  

Part 2 - Compilations  

Division 2 - Registration of compilations  

SECTION 15S   Lodgement of compilations of instruments - discretionary compilation events  

Compilation required to be prepared and lodged if notice given

If a discretionary compilation event occurs for a legislative instrument or notifiable instrument, the First Parliamentary Counsel may, by written notice given to the rule-maker, require the rule-maker, within a period stated in the notice, to prepare and lodge for registration a compilation of the instrument for registration. Compilation date

The compilation date for the compilation must be the date of the discretionary compilation event. Time for lodgement

If a notice is given under subsection (1) to a rule-maker for an instrument, the rule-maker must lodge for registration a compilation of the instrument within the period stated in the notice, or a longer period allowed by the First Parliamentary Counsel.

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