Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 5 - Administration  

Division 159 - Introduction  

SECTION 159-1   What this Chapter is about  

This Chapter deals with the following administrative matters:

  • payments made by the Commonwealth under this Act (see Part 5-1 );
  • tuition protection (see Part 5-1A );
  • the Higher Education Tuition Protection Fund, the Higher Education Tuition Protection Director and the Higher Education Tuition Protection Fund Advisory Board (see Part 5-1B );
  • administrative requirements that are imposed on higher education providers (see Part 5-2 );
  • electronic communication between higher education providers and students (see Part 5-3 );
  • management of information (see Part 5-4 );
  • tax file numbers of students (see Part 5-5 );
  • indexation of certain amounts (see Part 5-6 .);
  • reconsideration and administrative review of certain decisions (see Part 5-7 );
  • the application of the Regulatory Powers Act, including in relation to monitoring and investigation powers, civil penalties, infringement notices, enforceable undertakings and injunctions (see Part 5-8 ).

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