Higher Education Support Act 2003

Schedule 1A - VET FEE-HELP Assistance Scheme  


See section 6-1 .

PART 2 - VET FEE-HELP assistance  

Division 7 - Who is entitled to VET FEE-HELP assistance  

Subdivision 7-B - Re-crediting HELP balances in relation to VET FEE-HELP assistance  

SECTION 51A   51A   Implications for the student ' s liability to the VET provider for the VET tuition fee  

If a student ' s *HELP balance is re-credited in accordance with this Subdivision with an amount for a *VET unit of study, the student is discharged from all liability to pay or account for so much of the student ' s *VET tuition fee for the unit as is equal to that amount.

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