Higher Education Support Act 2003

Schedule 1A - VET FEE-HELP Assistance Scheme  


See section 6-1 .

PART 3 - Administration  

Division 15 - Tax file numbers  

Subdivision 15-B - What are the tax file number requirements for assistance under Part 2?  

SECTION 80   Meeting the tax file number requirements  

A student who is enrolled, or proposes to enrol, with a *VET provider in a *VET unit of study meets the tax file number requirements for assistance under Part 2 if:

(a) the student notifies his or her *tax file number to:

(i) an *appropriate officer of the provider; and

(ii) the *Secretary;
and the provider is satisfied (in accordance with subclause (4)) that this number is a valid tax file number; or

(b) the student gives to the officer a certificate from the *Commissioner stating that the student has applied to the Commissioner asking the Commissioner to issue a tax file number to the student.

Compliance by a person with subclause (1) in relation to a *VET course of study is to be ignored in determining whether there has been compliance by the person with subclause (1) in relation to any other VET course of study.

If the student is seeking *VET FEE-HELP assistance for a *VET unit of study, he or she does not meet the tax file number requirements for the assistance unless he or she complies with subclause (1) on or before the *census date for the unit.

A notification under paragraph (1)(a) may be included in a *request for Commonwealth assistance that the student has given to the provider in relation to:

(a) the *VET unit of study for which the assistance is sought; or

(b) the *VET course of study of which the unit forms a part; or

(c) any other VET unit of study forming part of that course.

The *Commissioner may issue guidelines about the circumstances in which a *VET provider is to be, or is not to be, satisfied that a number is a valid *tax file number for the purposes of paragraph (1)(a).

A certificate under paragraph (1)(b) must be in the *approved form.

A guideline issued under subclause (4) is a legislative instrument.

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