Higher Education Support Amendment (VET FEE-HELP and Providers) Act 2009 (39 of 2009)

Schedule 1   VET FEE-HELP

Higher Education Support Act 2003

9   At the end of Subdivision 7-A of Schedule 1A


45A VET unit of study not undertaken as part of VET course of study

For the purposes of paragraphs 43(e) and 45(1)(a), a student is taken not to undertake a*VET unit of study as part of a*VET course of study if undertaking the unit involves the student doing more than he or she needs to do to be awarded whichever of the following the course leads to:

(a) a*VET diploma;

(b) a*VET advanced diploma;

(c) a*VET graduate diploma;

(d) a*VET graduate certificate.