Business Names Registration Act 2011


Division 1 - Matters relating to handling records and information  

Subdivision A - The Registrar  


None of the following:

(a)  the Registrar;

(b)  if the Registrar is a Commonwealth body that has members - a member of the Registrar;

(c)  a member of the staff of the Registrar;

(d)  a person who is, or is a member of or a member of the staff of, a delegate of the Registrar;

(e)  a person who is authorised to perform or exercise a function or power of, or on behalf of, the Registrar;

(f)  an APS employee, or an officer or employee of a Commonwealth body, whose services are made available to the Registrar in connection with the performance or exercise of any of the Registrar ' s functions or powers;

is liable to an action or other proceeding for damages for or in relation to an act done, or omitted to be done, in good faith in performance or purported performance of any function, or in exercise or purported exercise of any power, conferred or expressed to be conferred by or under this Division.

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