Treasury Laws Amendment (Combating Illegal Phoenixing) Act 2020 (6 of 2020)

Schedule 3   GST estimates and director penalties

Taxation Administration Act 1953

12   After subsection 268-90(2A) in Schedule 1


(2B) In a case covered by paragraph 268-10(1)(c) (estimate of liability in relation to net amount under GST Act), the statutory declaration or affidavit must verify the following facts:

(a) your *net amount for the *tax period;

(b) what has been done to comply with Division 31 and 33 of the *GST Act (obligation to give GST return and liability in respect of assessed net amounts) in relation to that tax period;

(c) your *taxable supplies and *creditable acquisitions that are attributable to that tax period;

(d) your assessable dealings (within the meaning of the *Wine Tax Act) and *wine tax credits that are attributable to that tax period.