Higher Education Support Amendment (Job-Ready Graduates and Supporting Regional and Remote Students) Act 2020 (93 of 2020)

Schedule 1   Commonwealth Grant Scheme

Part 1   Amendments

Higher Education Support Act 2003

18   After subsection 33-30(1)


(1A) The number of Commonwealth supported places that a higher education provider has provided in respect of *grandfathered students during a particular year is a number equal to the number worked out as follows:

Method statement

Step 1. For each unit of study (other than any unit that is an *ineligible work experience unit for a *grandfathered student) that the provider provided that had its *census date during the year, multiply:

(a) the *EFTSL value of the unit; by

(b) the number of grandfathered students enrolled with the provider in that unit as *Commonwealth supported students.

Step 2. Add together all of the amounts worked out under step 1.