Income Tax Assessment Act 1997



Division 104 - CGT events  

Subdivision 104-K - Other CGT events  

SECTION 104-235   Balancing adjustment events for depreciating assets and certain assets used for R & D: CGT event K7  

CGT event K7 happens if:

(a) a *balancing adjustment event occurs for a *depreciating asset you *held; and

(b) at some time when you held the asset, you used it, or had it *installed ready for use, for:

(i) a purpose other than a *taxable purpose; or

(ii) the purpose to which paragraphs 40-27(2)(a) and (b) relate (about second-hand assets in residential property).


However, subsection (1) does not apply if:

(a) you are an *R & D entity and you could deduct an amount under section 40-25 for the *depreciating asset if the following assumptions were made:

(i) despite paragraph 40-30(1)(c) and subsection 40-30(2) , all intangible assets were excluded from the definition of depreciating asset in section 40-30 ;

(ii) subsection 40-45(2) did not, except in the case of buildings, prevent Division 40 from applying to capital works to which Division 43 applies, or to which Division 43 would apply but for expenditure being incurred, or capital works being started, before a particular day;

(iii) you satisfied any relevant requirement for deductibility under Division 40 ; or

(b) there is roll-over relief for the *balancing adjustment event under section 40-340 of this Act; or

(c) the asset is one for which you or another entity has deducted or can deduct amounts under Subdivision 40-F or 40-G .


Without limiting subsection (1A), if the asset is a vessel for which:

(a) you have a * shipping exempt income certificate; or

(b) you have at any time had such a certificate;

subsection (1) does not apply in relation to the asset to the extent that you are using, or at any time have used, it to produce income that is exempt under section 51-100 .


CGT event K7 also happens if:

(a) you are an *R & D entity; and

(b) a *balancing adjustment event occurs for a *depreciating asset you *held; and

(c) when you held the asset, you could deduct an amount under section 40-25 for the asset if the assumptions set out in paragraph (1A)(a) were made; and

(d) at some time when you held the asset:

(i) you used it other than for a taxable purpose or for the purpose of conducting *R & D activities for which you were registered under section 27A of the Industry Research and Development Act 1986 ; or

(ii) you had it installed ready for use other than for a taxable purpose.

For subparagraph (d)(i), disregard any use of the asset for the purpose of carrying on research and development activities (within the meaning of former section 73B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 ): see section 104-235 of the Income Tax (Transitional Provisions) Act 1997 .

The time of *CGT event K7 is when the *balancing adjustment event occurs.

Any *capital gain or *capital loss is worked out:

(a) under section 104-240 ; or

(b) under section 104-245 if the *depreciating asset was allocated to a low-value pool.

A *capital gain or *capital loss you make is disregarded if:

(a) the *depreciating asset covered by subsection (1) or (1B) is a *pre-CGT asset; or

(b) you can deduct an amount for the asset under Division 328 (about the small business entities) for the income year in which the *balancing adjustment event occurred.

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