Income Tax Assessment Act 1997



Division 719 - MEC groups  

Subdivision 719-I - Bad debts  

Maintaining the same ownership to be able to deduct bad debt

SECTION 719-465   Assumptions about the test company failing to meet the conditions in section 165-123  

Assume that the test company fails to meet the conditions in section 165-123 at the time an event described in subsection (2), (3) or (4) happens after the start of the * ownership test period in relation to:

(a) the * MEC group; or

(b) the * potential MEC group whose membership was the same as the membership of the MEC group.


If the test company is assumed to fail to meet the conditions in section 165-123 , the head company of the MEC group is taken (under section 719-455 ) to have failed to meet those conditions.

One event is the * potential MEC group ceasing to exist.

Another event is something happening that meets these conditions:

(a) the thing happens at a time in relation to * membership interests in one or more of these entities:

(i) a company that was just before that time a * member of the * MEC group and an * eligible tier-1 company of the * top company for the MEC group;

(ii) an entity interposed between a company described in subparagraph (i) and the company that was the top company for the group just before that time;

(b) the thing does not cause the * potential MEC group to cease to exist but does cause a change in the identity of the top company for the potential MEC group.

Another event is the * MEC group ceasing to exist because there ceases to be a * provisional head company of the group.

Other causes of failure to meet conditions in section 165-123

To avoid doubt, this section does not limit the circumstances in which the test company would have failed to meet the conditions in section 165-123 .

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