Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Amendment Regulations 2007 (No. 1) (74 of 2007)

Schedule 3   Amendments commencing on 1 July 2007

[36]   Subregulation 6.01 (6)


(6) Amounts to the credit of a member (except eligible spouse contributions) in a fund are undeducted contributions if:

(a) the amounts are undeducted contributions within the meaning that was given, before 1 July 2007, by subsection 27A (1) of the Tax Act; or

(b) for any other amounts - the amounts comprise member contributions:

(i) made after 30 June 1983 in order to obtain superannuation benefits (within the meaning of the Tax Act); and

(ii) in respect of which no deduction is allowable or has been allowed to the member under the former section 82AAT of the Tax Act.