Taxation Ruling

TR 2018/4

Income tax: effective life of depreciating assets (applicable from 1 July 2018)

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    This Ruling, which applies from 1 July 2018, replaces TR 2017/2 (see paragraph 5 of this Ruling for further details).
    This Ruling has been replaced by TR 2019/5 .

Effective life (by industry)

Table A lists assets that are specific to a particular industry or for which a particular effective life is appropriate because of the way the asset is used in that industry. Industry headings are generally drawn from the classification subject categories in the ANZSIC codes. You may only use the effective life for an asset listed in this table if you are a participant of the industry under which the asset is listed.

Agriculture, forestry and fishing 01110 to 05290
Mining 06000 to 10900
Manufacturing 11110 to 25990
Electricity, gas, water and waste services 26110 to 29220
Construction 30110 to 32990
Wholesale trade 33110 to 38000
Retail trade 39110 to 43209
Accommodation and food services 44000 to 45302
Transport postal and warehousing 46100 to 53090
Information media and telecommunications 54110 to 60200
Financial and insurance services 62100 to 64200
Rental, hiring and real estate services 66110 to 67200
Professional, scientific and technical services 69100 to 70000
Administrative and support services 72110 to 73200
Education and training 80100 to 82200
Health care and social assistance 84010 to 87900
Arts and recreation services 89100 to 92099
Other services 94110 to 96030

If you cannot find your asset in this listing or you are not a participant of that industry, go to Table B .

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