Taxation Ruling

TR 2020/3

Income tax: effective life of depreciating assets (applicable from 1 July 2020)

  • Please note that the PDF version is the authorised version of this ruling.
    This Ruling, which applies from 1 July 2020, replaces TR 2019/5 (see paragraph 5 of this Ruling for further details).

Effective life (by asset)

Table B provides a list of assets generally. It should only be used if you could not find the asset under the relevant industry category in Table A , or you are not a participant of that industry

If a particular asset is not listed in either Table A or B , it means the Commissioner has not made a determination of its effective life. You will need to work out its effective life yourself (see section 40-105 and Appendix 1 , Working out your own effective life - paragraphs 46 to 49 of this Ruling).

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