Customs Act 1901


Division 1B - Detention and Search of Suspects  

Subdivision C - Detention and internal search of persons suspected of internally concealing substances etc.  



If a detention officer or police officer suspects on reasonable grounds that a person is internally concealing a suspicious substance, an officer of Customs or police officer may detain the person for the purposes of:

(a) carrying out an internal non-medical scan under section 219SA ; or

(b) enabling an application to be made under section 219T for an order for the person to be detained.

219S(2)   [Where person detained]  

If the person is so detained, an officer of Customs or police officer:

(a) must, as soon as practicable, take the person to the nearest detention place that the officer considers suitable for the detention of the person for the purposes of this Subdivision; and

(b) may detain the person at that place for those purposes.


See also subsections 219Z(3) to (6) for places at which a person can be detained if an internal medical search of the person is carried out.

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