Part IAC - Assumed identities  

Division 3 - Evidence of Assumed Identity  

SECTION 15KI   Request for evidence of assumed identity  

This section applies if an authority granted under section 15KB authorises a request under this section.


The person specified in subsection (2A) may request the chief officer of an issuing agency stated in the authority to:

(a) produce evidence of an assumed identity in accordance with the authority; and

(b) give evidence of the assumed identity to the following:

(i) the authorised person named in the authority;

(ii) an officer of the law enforcement agency or the intelligence agency specified by the chief officer of that agency in the request.

Section 15KW modifies the effect of this provision if control of the authority is transferred.


For the purposes of subsection (2), the person who may make the request is:

(a) the chief officer of a law enforcement agency who granted the authority; or

(b) the chief officer of an intelligence agency (other than the Office of National Intelligence) who granted the authority; or

(c) if the chief officer of the Office of National Intelligence granted the authority - the chief officer of another intelligence agency.

The request must state a reasonable period for compliance with the request.

The request must include:

(a) the date of the authority granted under section 15KB ; and

(b) details of the assumed identity authorised; and

(c) details of any evidence of the assumed identity that may be acquired under the authority.

A request must not be made under this section for an entry in a register of births, deaths or marriages.

In this section:

means evidence similar to that ordinarily produced or given by the issuing agency.


The chief officer may delegate functions under this section - see section 15LH .

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