Income Tax Assessment Act 1936




(a) as a result of a scheme that is, in relation to a company:

(i) a scheme by way of or in the nature of dividend stripping; or

(ii) a scheme having substantially the effect of a scheme by way of or in the nature of a dividend stripping;
any property of the company is disposed of;

(b) in the opinion of the Commissioner, the disposal of that property represents, in whole or in part, a distribution (whether to a shareholder or another person) of profits of the company (whether of the accounting period in which the disposal occurred or of any earlier or later accounting period);

(c) if, immediately before the scheme was entered into, the company had paid a dividend out of profits of an amount equal to the amount determined by the Commissioner to be the amount of profits the distribution of which is, in his or her opinion, represented by the disposal of the property referred to in paragraph (a), an amount (in this subsection referred to as the notional amount ) would have been included, or might reasonably be expected to have been included, by reason of the payment of that dividend, in the assessable income of a taxpayer of a year of income; and

(d) the scheme has been or is entered into after 27 May 1981, whether in Australia or outside Australia;

the following provisions have effect:

(e) the scheme shall be taken to be a scheme to which this Part applies;

(f) for the purposes of section 177F , the taxpayer shall be taken to have obtained a tax benefit in connection with the scheme that is referable to the notional amount not being included in the assessable income of the taxpayer of the year of income; and

(g) the amount of that tax benefit shall be taken to be the notional amount.

Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), a reference in that subsection to the disposal of property of a company shall be read as including a reference to:

(a) the payment of a dividend by the company;

(b) the making of a loan by the company (whether or not it is intended or likely that the loan will be repaid);

(c) a bailment of property by the company; and

(d) any transaction having the effect, directly or indirectly, of diminishing the value of any property of the company.


This section:

(a) applies to a non-share equity interest in the same way as it applies to a share; and

(b) applies to an equity holder in the same way as it applies to a shareholder; and

(c) applies to a non-share dividend in the same way as it applies to a dividend.

In this section, property includes a chose in action and also includes any estate, interest, right or power, whether at law or in equity, in or over property.

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