Taxation Administration Act 1953



Subsection 2(2) specifies laws that are not taxation laws for the purposes of this Part.

Division 2 - Offences  

Subdivision A - Failure to comply with taxation requirements  


8G(1)   [Court may order compliance]  


(a) a person is convicted before a court of an offence against section 8C or subsection 8D(1) or (2) ; or

(b) a court makes an order under section 19B of the Crimes Act 1914 in relation to a person in respect of an offence against section 8C or subsection 8D(1) or (2) ;

in relation to the refusal or failure of the person to comply (whether in whole or in part) with a requirement made under or pursuant to a taxation law, the court may, in addition to imposing a penalty on the person or making such an order in relation to the person, as the case may be, and notwithstanding that the time for complying with the requirement or any other such requirement has passed, order the person to comply with:

(c) the requirement; and

(d) such other requirements made, or that could be made, in relation to the person under or pursuant to the taxation law as the court considers necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the first-mentioned requirement;

within a specified time or at a specified place and time.

8G(2)   [Service of order]  

Where an order under subsection (1) is not given orally by the court to the person to whom the order is addressed, the proper officer of the court shall cause a copy of the order to be served on the person in the prescribed manner.

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