International Tax Agreements Act 1953



Subject to this Act, on and after the date of entry into force of a provision of an agreement mentioned below, the provision has the force of law according to its tenor.
Note 1:

The table also lists some provisions of this Act that relate to the agreement.

Note 2:

Some current agreements are given the force of law by other provisions of this Act.

Current agreements
Agreement Related provisions
Argentine agreement section 11ZI
Aruban agreement nil
Belgian protocol (No. 1) section 11C
Belgian protocol (No. 2) section 11C
British Virgin Islands agreement nil
Canadian protocol (No. 1) section 6A
Chilean convention nil
Chinese agreement section 11S
Cook Islands agreement nil
Czech agreement nil
Fijian agreement nil
Finnish agreement nil
French convention nil
German agreement nil
Greek airline profits agreement nil
Guernsey agreement nil
Hungarian agreement nil
Indian agreement section 11J
Indian protocol (No. 1) section 11J
Indonesian agreement nil
Isle of Man agreement nil
Israeli convention nil
Italian airline profits agreement nil
Japanese convention nil
Jersey agreement nil
Kiribati agreement nil
Malaysian protocol (No. 1) sections 11F and 11FA
Malaysian protocol (No. 2) sections 11F and 11FB
Malaysian protocol (No. 3) section 11F
Marshall Islands agreement nil
Mauritius agreement nil
Mexican agreement nil
Multilateral Convention nil
Netherlands agreement section 11A
Netherlands protocol (No. 2) section 11A
New Zealand convention section 6B
Norwegian convention nil
Papua New Guinea agreement nil
Polish agreement section 11ZA
Romanian agreement nil
Russian agreement nil
Samoan agreement nil
Singaporean protocol (No. 1) section 7
Singaporean protocol (No. 2) section 7
Slovak agreement nil
South African agreement nil
South African protocol (No. 2) nil
Spanish agreement nil
Sri Lankan agreement nil
Swiss convention nil
Taipei agreement section 11ZF
Thai agreement nil
Turkish convention nil
United Kingdom convention nil
United States convention sections 6 and 20
United States protocol (No. 1) sections 6 and 20
Vietnamese agreement nil
Vietnamese notes (No. 1) section 11ZCA

Subsection (1) does not apply to Article 23 of the United States convention (as amended by the United States protocol (No. 1)).

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