Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975


Division 2 - Parties and procedure  


30(1AA)   Scope.  

This section does not apply to a proceeding in the Security Division to which section 39A applies.

30(1)   Parties.  

Subject to paragraph 42A(2)(b) , the parties to a proceeding before the Tribunal for a review of a decision are:

(a) any person who, being entitled to do so, has duly applied to the Tribunal for a review of the decision;

(b) the person who made the decision;

(c) if the Attorney-General intervenes in the proceeding under section 30A - the Attorney-General; and

(d) any other person who has been made a party to the proceeding by the Tribunal on application by the person in accordance with subsection (1A).

Note: See also subsections 36(3A) and 36A(2A) (Attorney-General deemed to be a party to certain proceedings), and subsections 36B(4) and 36C(3) (State Attorney-General deemed to be a party to certain proceedings).

30(1A)   Person whose interests are affected may apply to be a party.  

Where an application has been made by a person to the Tribunal for a review of a decision, any other person whose interests are affected by the decision may apply, in writing, to the Tribunal to be made a party to the proceeding, and the Tribunal may, in its discretion, by order, make that person a party to the proceeding.

30(2)   Official name.  

A person who is a party to a proceeding before the Tribunal -

(a) by reason of a decision made by him or her in the performance of the duties of an office or appointment; or

(b) by reason of the operation of subsection 25(7) ,

shall be described in the proceeding by his or her official name.

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