Freedom of Information Act 1982


Division 3 - IC reviewable decisions  

SECTION 54L   IC reviewable decisions - access refusal decisions  

An application may be made to the Information Commissioner for a review of a decision covered by subsection (2).

This subsection covers the following decisions:

(a) an access refusal decision;

(b) a decision made by an agency on internal review of an access refusal decision (see section 54C );

(c) a decision refusing to allow a further period for making an application for internal review of an access refusal decision (under section 54B ).

Note 1:

An application for the review of an access refusal decision made for the purposes of paragraph (a) may be made regardless of whether the decision was the subject of internal review.

Note 2:

If no decision is made on internal review within 30 days, a decision to affirm the original access refusal decision is taken to have been made (see section 54D ).

The IC review application may be made by, or on behalf of, the person who made the request to which the decision relates.

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