Petroleum Resource Rent Tax Assessment Act 1987


Division 1 - Returns  


Where the Commissioner, by notice in writing served on a person, requires the person to furnish to the Commissioner a return in relation to a petroleum project in relation to a year of tax, the person shall furnish the return to the Commissioner, whether or not the person has furnished, or was required to furnish, a return under section 59 or this section in relation to the project in relation to the year of tax.

A return under subsection (1) shall:

(aa) be in the approved form; and

(a) be furnished in the manner and within the time required by the Commissioner in the notice; and

(b) specify, in relation to the petroleum project and the year of tax concerned, the assessable receipts and deductible expenditure of the person; and

(c) contain such other information as is required in the notice.


A return under this section in relation to a petroleum project must be accompanied by a copy of any notice given to the person under subsection 48(3) or 48A(11) in relation to the project:

(a) since the person last gave the Commissioner a return under this section or section 59 in relation to the project; or

(b) if the person has not previously given a return to the Commissioner under this section or section 59 in relation to the project - since the person acquired an entitlement to derive assessable receipts in relation to the project.


Subdivision 388-B in Schedule 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953 applies to approved forms under this section.

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