Criminal Code Act 1995

Schedule - The Criminal Code  

Section 3


Part 9.5 - Identity crime  

Division 370 - Preliminary  

SECTION 370.1   370.1   Definitions  

In this Code:

deal ,
in identification information, includes make, supply or use any such information.

identification documentation
means any document or other thing that:

(a) contains or incorporates identification information; and

(b) is capable of being used by a person for the purpose of pretending to be, or passing the person off as, another person (whether living, dead, real or fictitious).

identification information
means information, or a document, relating to a person (whether living, dead, real or fictitious) that is capable of being used (whether alone or in conjunction with other information or documents) to identify or purportedly identify the person, including any of the following:

(a) a name or address;

(b) a date or place of birth, whether the person is married or has a de facto partner, relatives ' identity or similar information;

(c) a driver ' s licence or driver ' s licence number;

(d) a passport or passport number;

(e) biometric data;

(f) a voice print;

(g) a credit or debit card, its number, or data stored or encrypted on it;

(h) a financial account number, user name or password;

(i) a digital signature;

(j) a series of numbers or letters (or both) intended for use as a means of personal identification;

(k) an ABN.

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