Division 11 - Particular kinds of non-assessable income  

Subdivision 11-B - Particular kinds of non-assessable non-exempt income  

SECTION 11-55   11-55   List of non-assessable non-exempt income provisions  

The provisions set out in the list make amounts non-assessable non-exempt income.

Provisions of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 are identified in normal text. The other provisions, in bold , are provisions of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 .

alienated personal services income
associate, non-deductible payment or obligation to 85-20(3)
entitlements to a share of net income that is personal services income already assessable to an individual 86-35(2)
payments by personal services entity or associate of personal services income already assessable to an individual 86-35(1)
personal services entity, amounts of personal services income assessable to an individual 86-30
see securities
capital gains tax
small business retirement exemption, payments made directly or indirectly to CGT concession stakeholder so company or trust complies with section 152-325 152-310
demutualisation of friendly society health or life insurers
amounts related to issue, or transfer from lost policy holders trust, of demutualisation assets 316-255
payments received directly, or from lost policy holders trust, in exchange for cancellation or variation of interests under the demutualisation 316-255
demutualisation of private health insurers
market value of shares and rights at time of issue 315-310
payments received in exchange for cancellation or variation of interests under the demutualisation 315-310
2019 floods - recovery grants 59-85
2019 floods - on-farm grant program 59-86
demerger dividends 44(4)
later dividend set off against amount taken to be dividend 109ZC(3) , 109ZCA(4)
early retirement scheme payment, tax free amount of 83-170
employment termination payment 82-10 , 82-65 , 82-70
foreign termination payment 83-235 , 83-240
genuine redundancy payment, tax free amount of 83-170
unused long service leave payment, pre-16/8/78 period 83-80
see superannuation and sections 82-10A and 82-10C of the Income Tax (Transitional Provisions) Act 1997
water infrastructure improvement payments 59-65
farm-in farm-out arrangements
rewards for providing exploration benefits 40-1135
financial arrangements
gains related to non-assessable non-exempt income 230-30
firearms surrender arrangements
compensation under 59-10
[ first home saver accounts] (Repealed by No 70 of 2015)
foreign aspects of income taxation
attributed controlled foreign company income, amounts paid out of 23AI
attributed foreign investment fund income, amounts paid out of 23AK
certain forex realisation gains 775-25
branch profits of Australian companies 23AH
distributions of conduit foreign income 802-20
income derived by foreign residents in exclusive economic zone or on or above continental shelf 768-110
foreign equity distributions on participation interests 768-5
income derived by temporary residents 768-910
interest paid by temporary residents 768-980
managed investment trust withholding tax, amount subject to 840-815
Seasonal Labour Mobility Program withholding tax, amount subject to 840-915
superannuation fund, foreign, interest and dividend income of 128B(3)(jb)
withholding tax, dividend royalty or interest subject to 128D
GST payable on a taxable supply 17-5(a)
increasing adjustments 17-5(b) and (c)
investment manager regime
IMR concessions 842-215
life insurance companies Subdivision 320-B
withholding tax, payments to Indigenous persons and distributing bodies subject to 59-15
mutual receipts
amounts that would be mutual receipts but for prohibition on distributions to members or issue of MCIs 59-35
National Rental Affordability Scheme
payments made, and non-cash benefits provided, by a State or Territory governmental body in relation to participation in the National Rental Affordability Scheme 380-35
native title benefits
native title benefits 59-50
non-cash benefits
fringe benefits 23L(1)
notional sale and loan
arrangement payments a notional seller receives or is entitled to receive 240-40
luxury car leases, lease payments that the lessor receives or is entitled to receive 242-40
deemed loan treatment for financial benefits provided for tax preferred use of asset 250-160
offshore banking units
assessable OB income other than eligible fraction 121EG
related entities
amounts from, where deduction reduced for 26-35(4)
repayable amounts
previously assessable amounts 59-30
rights to acquire shares or units
market value of at time of issue 59-40
[ securities] (Repealed by No 47 of 2016)
small business assets
income arising from CGT event, company or trust owned asset continuously for 15 years 152-110(2)
sovereign entities Subdivision 880-C
[social security or like payments] (Repealed by No 145 of 2010)
benefits generally Divisions 301 to 306
commutation of income stream, under 25 years 303-5
death benefits 302-60 , 302-65 , 302-70 , 302-140
departing Australia superannuation benefits 301-175
foreign superannuation funds, lump sum benefits 305-60 , 305-65 , 305-70
KiwiSaver schemes, contributions to complying superannuation funds from 312-10
KiwiSaver schemes, superannuation benefits paid from complying superannuation funds to 312-15
member benefits 301-10 , 301-15 , 301-30 , 301-225
release authorities, payments from 303-15
roll-over superannuation benefits 306-5
superannuation lump sum for recipient having terminal medical condition 303-10
unclaimed money payment 306-20
[ tax bonus] (Repealed by No 32 of 2014)
tax loss transfers
consideration received by loss company from income company, generally 170-25(1)
consideration received by loss company from income company, net capital loss 170-125(1)
temporary residents
see foreign aspects of income taxation
trading stock
disposal outside ordinary course of business, amounts received upon 70-90(2)
attributable income, amounts representing 99B(2A)
family trust distribution tax, amounts subject to 271-105(3) in Schedule 2F
windfall amounts
business franchise fees, refund of when invalid 59-20
State tax on Commonwealth place, refund of when invalid 59-25
withholding taxes
see foreign aspects of income taxation and mining

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