Income Tax Assessment Act 1997



Division 355 - Research and Development  

Subdivision 355-B - Meaning of R & D activities and other terms  

SECTION 355-25   Core R & D activities  

Core R & D activities are experimental activities:

(a) whose outcome cannot be known or determined in advance on the basis of current knowledge, information or experience, but can only be determined by applying a systematic progression of work that:

(i) is based on principles of established science; and

(ii) proceeds from hypothesis to experiment, observation and evaluation, and leads to logical conclusions; and

(b) that are conducted for the purpose of generating new knowledge (including new knowledge in the form of new or improved materials, products, devices, processes or services).

However, none of the following activities are core R & D activities :

(a) market research, market testing or market development, or sales promotion (including consumer surveys);

(b) prospecting, exploring or drilling for minerals or *petroleum for the purposes of one or more of the following:

(i) discovering deposits;

(ii) determining more precisely the location of deposits;

(iii) determining the size or quality of deposits;

(c) management studies or efficiency surveys;

(d) research in social sciences, arts or humanities;

(e) commercial, legal and administrative aspects of patenting, licensing or other activities;

(f) activities associated with complying with statutory requirements or standards, including one or more of the following:

(i) maintaining national standards;

(ii) calibrating secondary standards;

(iii) routine testing and analysis of materials, components, products, processes, soils, atmospheres and other things;

(g) any activity related to the reproduction of a commercial product or process:

(i) by a physical examination of an existing system; or

(ii) from plans, blueprints, detailed specifications or publically available information;

(h) developing, modifying or customising computer software for the dominant purpose of use by any of the following entities for their internal administration (including the internal administration of their business functions):

(i) the entity (the developer ) for which the software is developed, modified or customised;

(ii) an entity *connected with the developer;

(iii) an *affiliate of the developer, or an entity of which the developer is an affiliate.

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